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Definite treatment plan

Based on thorough understandings achieved during consultations and checkups, each detailed treatment plan is designed in an attempt to gain the best result at the most affordable cost for the patient. In addition, all patients are well informed with precise treatment plan and time before any decision is made.

Diversity of dental services

No1 Dental Clinic ceaselessly strives to keep all services upgraded with the most innovative techniques, which is committed to excellence and diversity of services offered to all of our patients. That’s how we help them achieve the highest level of dental health and aesthetics, two of which make up a perfect smiles. We genuinely care about our patient’s needs so that our dentists always advise patients on the most appropriate solutions, avoiding invasion to preserve natural tooth structure at all cost.

High rate of success

High rate of success in treatment is attributed to the extensively experienced, well-qualified professional team of No1 Dental Clinic along with support of essential high quality equipment and materials.

Our Services

No1 Dental Clinic has acquired leading prestige in dentistry in Ho Chi Minh City for many years with reliability. Extensively experienced professional team working on a wide range of dentistry specialties with assistance of state-of-the-art equipment imported from Europe nations is key contributor to all treatment success we have attained.

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