Dental crown and its functions

Versatile functions and natural-tooth shape make dental crown restoration one of the most common dental treatment which is chosen by many patients. Besides your smile appearance, they can fully restore strength, structure for function like natural teeth.

What is dental crown?

Dental crown
What is cap?

Dental crown is fixed prosthetic device called “cap”. It has tooth-like shape and color, covering the tooth all the way to gum line, which is cemented on existing tooth or placed on dental implant as an aesthetic and function restoration.

Wide range of crown materials: full ceramic, porcelain fused to base metal (PFM), base metal alloys,… Strengths and shortcomings of each type of dental cap are weighed to fit the needs of patients


Versatile functions of dental crowns
  • Dental crown is used to restore broken, worn-down tooth back to full function with perfectly imitative look as natural tooth,
  • Crown helps improve esthetics by concealing unusually shaped or discolored tooth. The custom-made crown fits in perfectly among your existing dentistry.
  • Slightly misaligned teeth or gapped teeth can be adjusted with dental crowns
  • It is placed to protect the tooth underneath which has undergone root canal treatment. Porcelain crowns are strong and durable, helping regain full function so you can chew with ease and comfort and prevent further damage
  • Crown is used in combination with dental implant as a replacement for missing tooth
  • More than 2 crowns make up the dental bridge to literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth



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