Does teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity and damage?

Teeth whitening is aesthetic dentistry method that is recognized by accredited American Dental Association (ADA) for its safeness and success. There are many whitening product options currently available to consumers both from the dentist as well as from retail outlets. Using whitening products that are unauthorized with unknown origin or bleaching your teeth without the dentist’s consultation and professional supervision may cause unexpected tooth abrasion and gum tissue injury. That’s why if you choose to use any whitening product, you should only do so after consultation with a dentist. A wise choice of a reputed dental clinic is the key to success of any whitening procedure. To avoid any damage that may occur, teeth bleaching is best performed under professional supervision and following a pre-treatment dental examination and diagnosis.

The most commonly observed side effects with these peroxide-based bleaching agents are tooth sensitivity and occasional irritation of soft tissues in the mouth, particularly the gums. Tooth sensitivity often occurs during early stages of bleaching treatment. Tissue irritation may result from an ill-fitting tray used to contain bleaching product. However, both tooth sensitivity and tissue irritation are usually temporary and stop after the treatment

Two teeth whitening reputed brands are used at No1 Dental Clinic

WhiteSmile – in-office whitening with smart light – imported from Germany

Teeth whitening
Whitening technology imported from Germany

Whitesmile attains superior rank in the list of whitening products which provides the best result in the shortest time. The effectiveness and safeness of WhiteSmile has been proven in numerous researches implemented by the most reputed institutes such as Forsyth, University of Dentistry in New Jersey and New York.


Teeth whitening
Take-home whitening with Opalescence

Opalescence is leading whitening product line of Ultradent (the USA). It has attained leading position on the whitening product market for many years, which is officially recognized by American Dental Association (ADA). Opalescence also won the Award of The most popular whitening product that was voted by accredited American magazines. During the last 5 years, Opalescence has been regarded as “5-star dental product” by leading dentistry magazines (Reality).

Opalescence whitening gel with potassium nitrate helps minimize adverse effect of teeth sensitivity while the fluoride strengthens the enamel and prevents tooth decay. Significant water helps reduce shade relapse from tooth dehydration. Opalescence take-home whitening products feature sustained release action and adhesive properties. Opalescence provides support to maintain dental health.



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