In December 2003, No1 Dental Clinic was founded with an overriding aim of offering a wide range of excellent dental services that rivals those of developed countries.

To achieve the goal of reaching International level in every dental service, No1 Dental has been ceaselessly striving to further enhance every factor that contributes to the treatment performance.

No1 Dental Clinic was established and operated by a French dental expert who is passionate about providing high-quality services with ethics and integrity, No1 Dental Clinic continually upgrades ourselves regarding the most effective and the state-of-art materials, equipment and techniques available in dentistry and infection control system to provide to our patients with innovative, technologically advanced dental care to the utmost.

In addition, experienced and well-qualifed professional team at No1 Dental is key contributor to every treatment success. Regular training courses presented by foreign experts are valuable chances help dentists improve advanced skills in practice.

All prostheses are fabricated by skillful technicians under strict supervision in No1 Dental Clinic’s own dental lab, which ensures exceptional quality with natural look of dental restorations. To fit the schedule of patients, we may shorten the time of making qualified restoration thanks to the support of advanced technology and well-qualified technicans of No1 Dental’s own laboratory.

We are committed to delivering excellence in all of our services to our patients with affordable costs for the Vietnamese.

Profession and devotion are what you can experience during the treatment time at No1 Dental Clinic

You are always warmly welcome by our receptionist team with the greatest hospitability in the luxurious atmosphere whenever you come to No1 Dental Clinic.

No1 Dental Clinic offers free checking-up and consultation to all patients.
With a wide range of dentistry services provided at affordable price, No1 Dental Clinic is able to offer the best treatment plan that best suits your budget and demand.

High class facilities, modern technologies

Modern Western style interior design, along with the harmonious sound of music inspires the relaxing feeling in the meantime

You can enjoy free coffee and water served when reading newspapers or watching the TVs

Professional Team

Key contributor to No1 Dental Clinic’s prestige is that each dentist of our professional team has excellence education background in their specialty dentistry field, along with their devotion and endeavor to offer excellent service to all patients.

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