Is it necessary to replace missing teeth?

There are numerous causes of missing teeth. While missing teeth have unavoidable negative consequences, some people do not recognize the side effects they may experience when losing their teeth. When it comes to loosing a tooth, the dentist always advises a treatment plan for replacement. It will help restore the look, function and prevent unexpected effects.

Why is it necessary to replace missing teeth?

All of your teeth on the arches are similar to the fence and each tooth is a fence board. When you lose one or more teeth, the teeth fence lacks tight connection, which results in abnormal displacement of other existing teeth. It’s not the quantity of missing teeth that matter. Hence loosing 1 tooth can lead to numerous negative consequences

replace missing teeth
Abnormal displacement of other existing teeth occurs when missing tooth is not replaced
  • Affect the esthetics of your face
  • Changes in speech
  • Displacement of other teeth can cause continual teeth missing
  • Difficult in chewing and biting
  • Bone loss due to loss tooth root make face sag. You may look older than your age
replace missing teeth
Negative impact of teeth loss on facial aesthetics

Tooth replacement options

Development of dentistry has given birth to alternative teeth replacement methods such as bridges, partial dentures or dental implant to restore natural look and function of patients’ teeth

  • Dental implant

Dental implant has been regarded as the ultimate solution to provide a reliable, comfortable replacement for lost teeth. It is applied when missing 1 tooth, multiple teeth or all teeth. What make dental implant the outstanding choice are that dental implant procedure has the success rate of 98% and it can help prevent further bone loss.

Dental implant replace 1 missing tooth
Implant-supported bridge replaces multiple missing teeth
Replace all missing teeth with dental implants
  • Conventional dental bridge

Multiple tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common teeth replacement choice due to its affordable price and ability to bring back function and appearance of missing teeth. This method can replace single or multiple teeth loss. However, this method depends on strength of adjacent teeth for support and require trimming of existing healthy teeth.

Replace missing teeth with conventional dental bridge
  • Removable dentures

This is the simplest replacement option with the most economic cost. The durability of removable denture is not appreciated. Removable denture helps improve the function, appearance of missing teeth and prevents displacement of other teeth, but not much. However this solution is not a suitable option in longterm.

replace missing teeth
Removable dentures are simple and cost-saving



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