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We are committed to delivering excellence in all of our services to our patients with affordable costs for the Vietnamese.






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To achieve the goal of reaching International level in every dental service, No1 Dental has been ceaselessly striving to further enhance every factor that contributes to the treatment performance.

Dentist Clinic HCMC Vietnam

No.1 Dental Clinic was established and operated by a French dental expert who is passionate about providing high-quality services with ethics and integrity.


Clinic for Teeth Treatment HCMC Vietnam

No.1 Dental Clinic continually upgrades ourselves regarding the most effective and the state-of-art materials, equipment and techniques available in dentistry and infection control system to provide to our patients with innovative, technologically advanced dental care to the utmost.

In addition, experienced and well-qualifed professional team at No1 Dental is key contributor to every treatment success. Regular training courses presented by foreign experts are valuable chances help dentists improve advanced skills in practice.


In 2003, No.1 Dental Clinic was founded with an overriding aim of offering a wide range of excellent dental services that rivals those of developed countries.

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No.1 Dental Clinic has acquired leading prestige in dentistry in Ho Chi Minh City for many years with reliability. Extensively experienced professional team working on a wide range of dentistry specialties with assistance of state-of-the-art equipment imported from Europe nations is key contributor to all treatment success we have attained.

Orthodontics give your natural teeth a beautiful smile. Early treatment for your children by the age of seven recommended by The American Association of Orthodontists.

Teeth whitening become popular way nowadays to give you a beautiful smile. We use reliable material for bleaching provided by Ultradent Inc. – give you a bright smile just after around 1 hour at our clinic.

Dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth nowadays. The teeth look and function like natural teeth. With nearly 20 years, we did implantation for thousands people with great satisfaction.

Full ceramic crown for cosmetic teeth. Veneer for defect front teeth. Design your smile with gum recontouring for uneven gum levels or gum recession to give you great looking smile.

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